My name is Salil Agarwal


  • A Software Architect who has developed and hosted applications in more than ten technologies. I can guide you through the sea of web technologies. Working with me is like having a Chief Technology Officer on your team.
  • An Entrepreneur who runs his company like a business and not like a nerdy developer. I love deadlines, strategy documents, and clear communication.
  • A Geophysicist from IIT Dhanbad, who is by choice in the field of software development and not by education. Developed an interest in programming from a young age. My interest, passion, and my excitement for coding helped me land my first job as a GeoScientific Software Developer. Within a year of working as a geoscientific software developer, I realized software development is the perfect role for me.
WordPress Developer, Salil Agarwal

Salil Agarwal, WordPress Developer & Consultant

I’m a freelance WordPress developer & consultant specialising in building e-commerce stores & lead generation websites.
I’ve started working as a professional web developer in April of 2014. Before that, I developed desktop-based apps using C++ as a GeoScientific Software Developer for 2 years.
During the first 3-4 years of my web development career, I build small to medium size custom applications. I used various technologies like Django, Javascript,  Vue.js, & WordPress. I also hosted these apps in Google Cloud and AWS.
In October of 2019, I started Blue Cloud Services and become an independent consultant. I choose WordPress and AWS to be my tools of primary focus.
These days I help my clients build better, faster, and scalable WordPress websites. I use the following technologies:
  • WordPress
  • Elementor Pro
  • WooCommerce
  • AWS

My Skills

Elementor pro
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud Platform
Remote Working
Project Management - On Time Delivery
Communication - Written & Oral

Is it a one-person business?

I don’t have and don’t want anybody else to do these two tasks – writing code and dealing with clients. I have help with other tasks like data entry, point & click work, content writing, accounts, and housekeeping. So, it is not a one-person business.

Where are you located? Will remote working work?

Currently, I’m located in Moradabad, UP, India.

I have been working remotely since 2014, and most of my clients are from the US & India. Even if it is your first experience with remote talent, I have enough experience working remotely that it will be enough for both of us.

To make remote working effective – Document everything. It is the single most crucial aspect of productive remote working.

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