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I will dramatically improve real world page speed of your WordPress Site.

WordPress Developer & Consultant, Salil Agarwal

WordPress Consultant, Salil Agarwal

Are You Looking For a WordPress Expert to Help You:

How do I improve your WordPress website page speed?

As part of my WordPress Speed Optimization Service I will do the following:

Will this improve the speed of MY website?

I will do a free audit of your website. In the audit report, I will show you the issues I find on your site. I will only accept your project if there is a scope of improvement. I also give a discounted price to new clients for the first project.

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Hi, my name is Salil Agarwal, and I'm a WordPress speed optimization expert.

My other USP is that I am an AWS certified Software Solutions Architect. I understand the whole lifecycle of an app from development to hosting.

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I'm NOT Your Typical Do It All WordPress Developer.​

So how am I different than other WordPress experts?

I Consult

Unlike most WordPress professionals, I don't just write code. I first understand your business objectives & then develop a solution that helps achieve those objectives.

I Can Host

Most WordPress developers don't know much about hosting and thus cannot optimize the server. But I am a certified cloud expert, and I have hosted apps in both Google Cloud & AWS.

I Am Punctual

I always complete my projects on time. I achieve this by following a set process to deliver the project. I keep things organized and on schedule. If I commit to a deadline, I will honor it at all costs.

Here Is What My Clients Say About Me

What about pricing? Hiring a WordPress consultant must be expensive?

No! If you take into account your total cost that is Monetary Cost + Time Cost.​

Freelance Developer

Monetary Cost
Time Cost


Monetary Cost
Time Cost


Monetary Cost
Time Cost
Low - Medium

My monetary cost is higher than typical freelance developer but much lower than typical agencies. But the time and energy you have to spend with me to get the desired work done will be the lowest among the three.

So, I will be the least expensive option for you.

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Have Questions?

I may have an answer for you.

I don’t have one. I give a fixed price for a fixed scope of work.

This way, you will know your cost upfront.

I have developed web apps in many technology stacks. I have set up the backend for apps in Python & PHP. I have created frontends using Vue, React & jQuery. I have developed Chrome Extensions for my clients to automate stuff. I have used Google App Scripts to automate business processes. I have developed desktop apps using C++. So, I don’t have a fixed stack. I select a technology stack that is most relevant to complete a project.

AWS is not for everyone. For most businesses, managed hosting is a better choice. I will help you choose the hosting that makes perfect sense for your business. And yes, I will set it up for you, whether its AWS or other managed services.

Currently, I’m located in Moradabad, UP, India. 

I have been working remotely since 2014, and most of my clients are from the US & India. Even if it is your first experience with remote talent, I have enough experience working remotely that it will be enough for both of us.

I don’t have and don’t want anybody else to do these two tasks – writing code and dealing with clients. I have help with other tasks like data entry, point & click work, content writing, accounts, and housekeeping. So, it is not a one-person business.

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